Nocturnus septimus psalmorum Dauiticorum

Psalm book for students

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In many post-incunabula – books printed between 1500 and 1540 – a printer’s device was located in the centre of the title page. It served as the identification mark of a specific printer, by means of which he claimed his intellectual property and positioned himself as a brand. On occasion, different printers used the same ‘logo’. This representation of a printer’s workshop – with the compositor to the right, the printing press in the middle and the journeyman printers to the left – was copied by Jacob van Breda from the Paris printer Jodocus Badius, born in Ghent.


Nocturnus septimus psalmorum Dauiticorum. Deventer, Jacob van Breda, 1515. Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek: KW 226 E 58. NK 1600.

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AD 1515
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