Commentariorum de bello Germanico, à Carolo V. Libri duo

The Military Campaign of Charles V (1546-1547)

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In 1548, Spanish commander Luis de Avila published a report about a war Charles V waged in 1546 and 1547. Subsequently, this Latin translation appeared in Antwerp. On the leather cover with panel stamps, we see a central medallion depicting Charles V as emperor. Above it, we see the double eagle of the Holy Roman Emperor. And at the bottom, the pillars of Hercules with the emperor’s motto ‘Plus Ultra’. The inside is magnificent too: all woodcuts are coloured.


Luis de Avila, Commentariorum de bello Germanico, à Carolo V. Libri duo. Transl. Willem van Male. Antwerpen, Joannes Steelsius, 1550. Brugge, Openbare Bibliotheek: 3600.

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AD 1550
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