Privacy Policy

The interactive exibition system and the website of 'Conn3ct: 2 media, 1 story' are managed by:

Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek vzw (Flanders Heritage Library)
Hendrik Conscienceplein 4
2000 Antwerpen

Your personal data, our responsibility

In the interactive exhibition system and the website, we store personal data provided by visitors of the exhibition 'Connect: 2 media, 1 story'. 

When you decide to utilize the interactive exhibition system during your visit, you explicitly allow the screens in the exhibtion space to display information you enter until the end of the day. Note that you do not need to enter any personal data, and during your visit, you can always change or delete your data using the option 'My Profile' which can be found on all of the interactive screens. Your data will be not shared with anyone outside of the exhibition space, unless you choose to do so later (see below). If you prefer not to use the interactive screens, you can still visit the rest of the exhibition.

At the end of your visit, you can indicate whether your rating of the exhibition may be displayed on our website. If you choose to do so, your user name, profile image and rating will be visible to visitors of the website Any other information will be visible only to you or to our exhibition administrators.  If you choose not to share your rating, none of your information will be visible outside of the exhibition space.

We do not use your data for purpose unrelated to your exihibition visit and we will never share it with other parties. We have made use of the necessary security measures to avoid loss, unjustified use or change of information that we are storing.

Viewing, altering and deleting your personal data

As a visitor of Conn3ct, you are entitled to view, alter and delete personal information pertaining to your visit.

  • To view your personal data, you may use the account details we sent to the email address you specified in the interactive system during your visit. If you did not leave an email address, you can contact us to view your data. Please include the user name you used during your visit so we can identify your user profile.
  • To alter or delete your personal data, contact us via Please include the user name and/or email address you used during your visit so we can identify your user profile.

How to contact us concerning our privacy policy or your personal data?

In case you want to react to our privacy policy, or view, alter or delete your personal data, you can contact us as follows: