A Printer in Search of Profit

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A successful publisher is first and foremost a good business man. Printer Henrick Eckert van Homberch set a good example.


Research: Eva Breuer, Thalia Hernandez Moreno, Liza Mennes, Sijbren Schenkels, Daisy Vissers
Script: Marieke van Delft
Design: Thalia Hernandez Moreno, Liza Mennes, Sijbren Schenkels
Animation: Sijbren Schenkels
Voice-Over: Ad Leerintveld
Special Thanks To: Egbert de Ruiter

Created by HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, in collaboration with Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands (The Hague) and Flanders Heritage Library (Antwerp).

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AD 2016
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