Catalogvs omnivm Erasmi lucubrationum

Bibliography of Erasmus

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Erasmus was a prolific writer and that is why the demand for an overview of his work was high. Dirk Martens published a short bibliography in 1519. Four years later, Erasmus created an overview himself in a letter to a humanist friend. This letter was then published. The main focus was on taxonomy and textual coherence, and not so much on bibliographic accuracy. The list later served as a guideline for the publication of Erasmus’ collected works.


Desiderius Erasmus, Catalogvs omnivm Erasmi lucubrationum. Leuven, Dirk Martens, 1523. Gent, Universiteitsbibliotheek: BHSL.RES.0160/3. NK 2859.

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AD 1523
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