Fasciculus medicine

Manual for Doctors

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As from 1512, printers in the Low Countries requested a temporary monopoly from the government for their publications. This way, they protected themselves against reprints by competitors. In 1512, Antwerp printer Claes de Grave was the first to acquire exclusive rights to all his publications, including this medical collection. The title page reads: ‘Cum preuilegio’ – with a privilege. The government based its approval on the contents of the book and thus exercised preventive censorship. Later on, privileges became obligatory for religious publications.


Joannes de Ketham, Fasciculus medicine. Vert. Petrus Antonianus. Antwerpen, Claes de Grave, 26 mei 1512. Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek: KW 227 A 9. NK 1223.

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AD 1512
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