Collationes V super epistolam Pauli ad Romanos

Criticism of the Translation of Erasmus

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Around 1530, a controversy arose between Franciscan philosopher and scientist Franciscus Titelmannus (1502­1537) and Erasmus. Titelmannus did not agree with Erasmus’ translation of the New Testament. He objected especially to the contents and style of the latter’s translation of Paul’s ‘Epistle to the Romans’. He published this book about the matter, to which Erasmus replied in the same year. That again asked for a reaction by Titelmannus.


Franciscus Titelmannus, Collationes V super epistolam Pauli ad Romanos. Antwerpen, Willem Vorsterman, 1529. Hasselt, Provinciale Bibliotheek Limburg, Collectie Oude drukken en handschriften: OD-D-0727. NK 2036.

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AD 1529
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