Den roseghaert vanden bevruchten vrouwen

Manual for Midwives

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In the first half of the sixteenth century, more and more informative books were published for specific professions, like this midwifery textbook. It was the first obstetric handbook in print in Middle Dutch. Rösslin’s work was the first richly illustrated example in this area in other European languages as well. The many didactical woodcuts show how children could be positioned in the uterus and helped midwives in their study and practice.


Eucharius Rösslin, Den roseghaert vanden bevruchten vrouwen. Antwerpen, Willem Vorsterman voor Bartholomaeus Jacobsz (Leiden), 1530. Antwerpen, Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience: J 41325. NK 1833.

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AD 1548
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