Die cronycke van Hollandt, Zeelandt ende Vrieslant

Chronicles of Holland, Zeeland and Friesland

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In early compendiums and reference works, illustrations served to structure texts rather than to provide a realistic image of people or locations. As such, identical woodcuts illustrated different passages. Sometimes, the illustrations were still a little awkward. This history book contains 243 pictures printed from 110 woodblocks. Some illustrations were placed too close to the text and seem unfinished. This is because Seversz reused and sawed up old woodblocks.


Cornelius Aurelius, Die cronycke van Hollandt, Zeelandt ende Vrieslant. Leiden, Jan Seversz, 1517. Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek: KW 1084 A 6. NK 613.

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AD 1517
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