Refereynen int vroede, int zotte, int amorueze

Wise, Crazy and Erotic poetry

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As the art of printing matured, fonts were standardised. Gradually, only gothic, italic and roman letters were used. The ‘modern’ roman character set found acceptance in the Low Countries shortly after 1500. However, the gothic characters remained dominant for texts in Dutch. This bundle is an exception. In the preface, the printer advocates the use of the roman characters in the vernacular as well, because ‘it surpasses all other Flemish fonts in neatness and grace’.


Refereynen int vroede, int zotte, int amorueze, vertooght binnen Ghent 20 april 1539. Gent, Joos Lambrecht, 1539. Gent, Universiteitsbibliotheek: BIB.G.000179. NK 1785.

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AD 1539
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